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Liprobel, mouthpiece for producers of lipids and proteins

Liprobel represents the interests of producers of vegetable oils and proteins and refined animal fats. The federation combines the expertise within its sector with regard to:

  • Nutrition
  • Assurance of food and animal feed safety
  • Sustainable production chains
  • Consumer information
  • Reduction of industrial emissions

The federation shares this expertise with policymakers and other stakeholders to serve the common interest of a strong and future-focused food production industry in Belgium.

Liprobel helps to define policys

Liprobel is a founding member of the Federation of the European Vegetable Oil and Protein Meal Industry FEDIOL. FEDIOL was established in the 1950s.

Liprobel is represented on the FEDIOL board and co-determines the European sector policy with regard to healthy food, food and animal feed safety, sustainable production and the reduction of industrial emissions.

Liprobel is also a member of the Federation of the Belgian Food Industry, FEVIA, and is represented on the board of OVOCOM Belgian consultation platform for the animal feed sector) on behalf of Fevia. Liprobel has an office at FEDIOL in Brussels.

The board members

Kurt Deryckere


Gauthier Vindevogel


Xavier Vandamme


Peter Claerhout


Matthias Baeten


Coen Blomsma

Secretary General

Jeroen Fischer


Pierre Matton